Discover the Stunning Beaches of Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

The idyllic destination of Green Turtle Cay is renowned for its beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters, and laid-back atmosphere. Although it’s a small island, Green Turtle Cay has a variety of beaches that offer different experiences for visitors. Some of the notable beaches include:

Coco Bay

Coco Bay is a shallow, calm beach on the western side of the island. It’s popular for swimming, especially for families with children, and is an excellent spot for bonefishing. The beach also offers gorgeous sunset views.

Gillam Bay

Gillam Bay is another peaceful beach situated on the eastern side of the island near the historic town of New Plymouth. It’s known for its long, white sandbars that appear during low tide. Gillam Bay is a great spot for sunbathing, shell collecting, and casual strolls.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is located on the eastern shore and offers a more open-ocean experience with bigger waves compared to the other beaches. It’s excellent for those who love the surf and is a good location for snorkeling when the water is calm. The beach is accessible by golf cart, which is the primary mode of transport on the island.

Bita Bay

Bita Bay is a small, secluded beach that’s great for snorkeling. It’s less frequented compared to other beaches on Green Turtle Cay, offering visitors a more private experience.

Munjack Cay

While not directly on Green Turtle Cay, Munjack Cay is a short boat ride away and offers beautiful beaches and excellent snorkeling opportunities. Visitors often make a day trip to this nearby island.

Additional Spots

Some smaller beaches and coves are also scattered around the island, which are perfect for those looking for a more secluded, off-the-beaten-path experience.

These beaches offer a range of activities including swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and simply relaxing by the water. The clear turquoise waters surrounding Green Turtle Cay are teeming with marine life, making the island a fantastic destination for underwater exploration as well.