Fishing Charters and Boat Rentals Green Turtle Cay

Fishing Charters

Offshore Fishing

Beyond the barrier reef of Green Turtle Cay, the deep-sea fishing is among the finest in the Caribbean. Seasonally, one might reel in a wahoo, mahi, tuna, or various billfish. For those adept at fishing, the stretch of water that lies adjacent to the outer reef, extending northward from Green Turtle Cay for over five miles, is an angler’s haven, especially when using ballyhoo or synthetic lures.

Sunset Marine, situated at the entrance of Black Sound, boasts an impressive fleet of boats exceeding 22 feet. Every vessel is fitted with a multi-color depth finder and marine radios. Additionally, they offer rental fishing equipment and stock an array of frozen bait options including ballyhoo and squid.

For those traveling in bigger groups, consider chartering a trip with Capt. Rick Sawyer on his cozy Tiara or with Eddie Bodie aboard his commodious Grady-White.

For details or to arrange an offshore fishing trip, reach out to:

Capt. Rick Sawyer |
Email: | Phone: 242-365-4261

Eddie Bodie | The Rock Fishing Charters
Phone: 242-365-4069 or 242-365-6784.

Inshore Fishing

In the vicinity of Green Turtle Cay and its adjacent cays, some truly exhilarating fishing experiences await. Drifting with ballyhoo or trailing the surface with Yo-Zuri minnow lures near the bonefish flats and coastal stretches is particularly thrilling. In the deeper stretches, one might spot the dominant barracuda or the rare Houndfish, a massive needlefish indigenous to the Bahamas. These predators lie in wait, eyeing bonefish or snapper as they leave the flats. Such fishing excursions are perfect when rough seas or strong coastal winds make offshore trips less pleasurable. For those passionate about fishing, embarking on this adventure solo is a treat, especially when aboard a boat hired from one of Green Turtle Cay’s three boat rental outfits listed below.

Flats Fishing

Green Turtle Cay boasts some of the world’s most impressive bonefish, often weighing between six to ten pounds. While these large bonefish are elusive and require precise techniques to catch, the thrill of the chase is unparalleled.

For DIY fishing enthusiasts, three primary flats are accessible without a boat:

  1. Town Flat – South of New Plymouth, reachable via a trail starting at the baseball field, stretches for nearly a mile along the island’s western coast. It’s optimal around high tide.
  2. Coco Bay Flat – Beginning at the bottom of Coco Bay, it extends to the island’s northernmost tip. You can get there by taking the main road north and turning right before Brendal’s Dive Shop. This area is prolific on rising tides.
  3. Sand Dollar Flat – Situated near Gilliam Bay, it’s a preferable choice during strong western winds. Overlooking the scenic Pelican Cay, this spot is conducive to fishing at any tide level.

However, for the best fishing experience, consider hiring one of Green Turtle Cay’s top guides.

Ronnie Sawyer hails from Green Turtle Cay and boasts a quarter-century of expertise guiding bonefish enthusiasts. His reputation in the angling world is evident from his features in various fishing publications and a dedicated episode on ESPN2’s show “George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing”. Ronnie provides options for both full-day and half-day fishing excursions. Additionally, he has a vessel stationed at Great Abaco Island, a hotspot for angling in the famed Abaco marls.

Contact Numbers: 877-459-9108, 242-357-6667 (mobile) or 242-365-4070

Rick Sawyer, a native Bahamian from the islands, possesses unparalleled knowledge of the bonefish terrains surrounding Green Turtle and its adjacent isles. A seasoned captain and guide, he holds both a license and IGFA certification, marking over two and a half decades in the field. Rick presents diverse charter durations: full, 3/4, and half-day. We often lean towards the 3/4 day adventure, balancing ample water time without overexposing ourselves to the intense sun.

Website: | Email: | Phone: 242-365-4261.

Reef Fishing

Exploring the reefs off Green Turtle, No Name, and Manjack Cays (known locally as Mun•jack) offers a thrilling opportunity to secure your evening meal. Our experiences with 1/4 and 1/2 oz. jigs paired with Berkeley’s Gulp Shrimp have been particularly rewarding. The reefs teem with grouper and snapper, and employing a rigged ballyhoo, Yo-Zuri minnow, or a saltwater Rapala often attracts them. Do remember to use a wire leader; those sneaky barracudas have a knack for nabbing your bait occasionally!

If you’re without personal watercraft, consider hiring any of these seasoned fishing experts:

Eddie Bodie | The Rock Fishing Charters
Phone: 242-365-4069 or 242-365-6784.
Eddie Bodie provides memorable days filled with reef fishing and a beachside lunch, showcasing the fish you proudly caught earlier.

Sherllin Russell |
Phone: 242-475-2811
Sherllin, found at the Other Shore Club opposite Linton’s dock on Black Sound, curates personalized fishing, diving, and snorkeling adventures. This encompasses lobster dives, beach picnics, and exploratory ventures in a rental boat – epitomized by his phrase, “Your boat, my time.” He can even prepare your catch at your lodging or an isolated beach. Most evenings, he’s at Pineapple’s crafting fresh conch salad – and he’s known to share his conch cleaning expertise if you ask!

Lincoln Jones |
Phone: 242-365-4223
Lincoln’s special “reef parties” entail a morning dedicated to fishing (gear included) and snorkeling, culminating in a grand beachside feast starring your fresh catch, seasonal lobster, and perhaps a few servings of rum punch. Although it’s not for the die-hard fisherfolk, Lincoln’s trips are a hit. Book early to secure your spot!

Boat Rentals

Several local rental agencies provide top-notch boats equipped with outboard engines, spanning 17 to 26 feet in length. Each boat is furnished with the mandatory PFDs, dual anchors, and essential safety equipment. Many boats include 2-way marine radios and cooling compartments, and a select few feature advanced sonar systems for depth and fish tracking. Weekly rental prices fluctuate between $600 and $1,200, based on boat size, in addition to fuel expenses. Shorter rental terms spanning one to three days are also an option for most vessels.

For activities like island exploration, beach visits on nearby cays, or fishing in the Sea of Abaco, a 17′ – 20′ boat will suffice. However, for Atlantic Ocean adventures, like reef snorkeling or fishing, or accommodating larger groups, a boat exceeding 20′ is advisable. If your ambitions include trolling for deep-sea species beyond the reefs, it’s wise to consult the rental agency during booking to ensure offshore ventures are permitted.

Donny’s Boat Rental
Phone: 242-365-4119

Sunset Marina & Boat Rental
Phone: 242-365-4634

Reef Boat Rental
Phone: 242-365-4146